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DDSS発表会場(PSV stadion)にて

2016.06.27-28 DDSS Conference 2016
2016年6月27、28日に開催されたDDSS (design & decision support systems) conference 2016に参加し、以下の3編を発表しました。

Tsuboi, S., S. Ikaruga, T. Kobayashi and S. Nishimura : The effectiveness of the compact city plan of local government after abolishing the Area Division System

Nishimura, S., S. Ikaruga, S. Tsuboi, T. Kobayashi and J. Song : Using the expert system theory in the development of support methods for a compact city plan

Song, J., S. Ikaruga and A. Deguchi : Morphological change of urban spatial structures overviewed through analysis on tower construction trend in Tokyo



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